Berna Karataş Jewellery

He graduated from Istanbul Technical University as an electrical engineer. He started his first jewelery education in England, where he went to learn a language in 1988. After completing his career in international companies, he decided to combine the experiences he gained in education and business life with his childhood dream, and with his artistic aptitude from his family, he attended various trainings on jewelry making and established his own workshop and brand in this field.

The designer takes his inspiration from nature and life itself. The artist, who prefers original and boutique work, makes each piece of jewelery by hand using traditional jewelery techniques, and each product is different from the other. Berna Karataş, who sometimes performs improvised works with discipline, obeying the rules and sometimes without rules, according to her mood, processes each piece one by one with love and care.

Berna Karataş Jewellery

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