Sevcan Zümrütbel, the founder and creative director of the brand, was born in Istanbul in 1985. After working in the financial sector in corporate life for many years, she started her design adventure by making ceramics. Later, she completed her "Bag and Accessory Design" training at Vakko Esmod and established the "Liri" brand.

Each bag in the collection of Liri, whose word means freedom, is named after the pigeon species identified with freedom. Liri bags, which love to make colorful touches in modern life and pay attention to details, will be the perfect complement to your style at any time of the day thanks to their functional forms and timeless designs.


  • Modena Omuz Çantası Mercan-Liri-nowshopfun Modena Shoulder Bag

    Liri Modena Shoulder Bag

    2 in stock

    Material: 100% Calfskin Product Dimension: L:20cm H:16cm W:7.5cm Sling Length: 55-66 cm Product Features: Gold plated accessory Adjustable Leather shoulder strap Microfiber Lining

    2 in stock


  • Mookee Crossbody Shoulder Bag Mookee Crossbody Omuz Çantası Çim Yeşili-Liri-nowshopfun

    Liri Mookee Crossbody Shoulder Bag

    Product Dimensions: H:19.5cm W:10cm Material: 100% Lambskin, gold-plated chain and accessory


  • Tote Bag Tote Bag

    Liri Tote Bag

    Material: 100% Floter Leather Product Dimensions: H:21cm L:16cm W:5cm Hanger Drop: 50cm Product Features: Gold-plated accessoryRemovable shoulder strapMicrofiber Lining


  • Barb Clutch Bej-Liri-nowshopfun Barb Clutch Bag

    Liri Barb Clutch Bag

    Material: 100% Safiano Leather Product Dimensions: Height: 16cm Length: 23cm Width: 5cm Strap Length: 144 cm Product features: gold plated accessory Removable hanger Microfiber Lining


  • Pouter Turuncu Makyaj Çantası-Liri-nowshopfun Pouter MakeUp Bag

    Liri Pouter MakeUp Bag

    100% Lambskin Golden chain detail and handmade bird accessory L:20cm H:14cm W:8cm  


  • Ruby Omuz Çantası Hardal Sarısı-Liri-nowshopfun Ruby Omuz Çantası Hardal Sarısı-Liri-nowshopfun

    Liri Ruby Shoulder Bag Mustard Yellow

    5 in stock

    Material: 100% Suede and Calfskin Product Dimensions: H:23.5cm L:20.5cm W:7cm Sling Length: 27.5cm Product Features: Gold plated accessoryAdjustable and detachable leather shoulder strapMicrofiber Lining

    5 in stock



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